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Every piece of handmade wedding dress, no matter look closely or fromafar , the whole workmanship is very delicate, and lace is also super beautiful. I hope I could wear every piece, ha ha, strongly recommend SHICHU bridal studio!



Every wedding dress of SHICHU is really new, and the bride's dress is also with a sense of texture. The consultant has an accurate and unique insight, endowing me with a feeling of easement and assurance.



You must try on wedding dress~ it’s really very important!Each wedding dress of SHICHU belongs to only 5 brides, which makes me very excited. I am so lucky to say that I have worn the new style brought back from abroad.



Exclusive and brand wedding dress in SHICHU, the staff can understand the bride's preferences and with professional service to help you choose the right one. Being professional and learning to listen are of great importance, letting the bride feel relaxed.



SHICHU bridal: the staff picks out the dress style I like in a fast and exact way, with cool herbal tea prepared for you, super happy



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