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Professional wedding consultant

The newlyweds in SHICHU can enjoy the happiness of preparing bridal and getting married together. Each couple is equipped with a professional wedding consultant, who will accompany you throughout the wedding and give you the most professional advice.Free from the complex things, you just need to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime !

Exclusive handmade wedding

SHICHU Bride has the most professional dress designers, who could provide suggestions on wedding dress based on your body shape and preference. You can enjoy the style from Europe, America, Japan and Korea in SHICHU, and SHICHU Bride is more suitable for Asian female figure. Let the bride become the most touching role at the wedding.

Exclusive wedding photos

The newlyweds are equipped with professional photography consultant. You just need to tell us what you want. The photography consultant will design your exclusive wedding photos. The memories of wedding photos are your common happiness, which only belongs to your unique and tasteful memory!

Picking up wedding dress

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這次試穿的婚紗都是禮秘幫我選的她們都會依照身型挑選,只能說專業的真會選 👍 原本想說中大尺碼的選擇不多,但我一連就穿五套,白紗都魚尾都意外的好好看呀~...


毛片果然如很多人的心得一樣,都很喜歡,極困難挑入相本的張數,修片速度雖然沒有到很快,但最後成果我們很滿意。 謝謝囍聚的服務,讓整個過程很順利,到目前為止,我們都非常推薦囍聚團隊的合作!...

SHICHU newlyweds comments

SHICHU handmade wedding Xinyi Exhibition Hall is located in Taipei government station, which is very convenient to reach, whether by bus, MRTor driving. Thepacking lot around the site is easy to find. In addition, the reason why I strongly recommend SHICHU handmade wedding is that I like the enthusiasm and kindness, and professional service of the whole team.(this is important!!!!!!)My wedding photos are taken and banquet is held in SHICHU. I deeply feel the consultant of great help.As a manager, it’s just like a assistant to help me. During the whole wedding, many things are going to be discussed and it is notan [one-off] consumption, therefore you must be cautious when choosing

Taipei Tiaotiao

Due to our jobs, I and Mr.R have no special longings and requirements for the bridal at the beginning, just feeling“it’s enough to have a white dress for wedding”. Until we really start to look for a dress, trying the dress, it turns out“only a white dress is far from enough”. It’s really of great importance for every link from style, tailoring, design, material tothe appearance of wearing on. Just choosing a white dress in a casual way does not end ~ SHICHU, different from other general wedding and dress company, has big outlets and gorgeous appearance. The small studio is very warm with power. Both design and quality are great (If you like the European and American style, you must come here to have a look)

Taipei LiangLiang

Since the proposal, I began to actively search for wedding information online. Because of wanting to get all the photo archives, in the beginning we only looked for wedding studio not traditional wedding dress company. After sorting out favorite studios, as a bride with much fat, of course, I was really worried about is there is no suitable beautiful dress to wear. So I consulted in private message to ask if there was any suitable dress for me, but the answer is “yes, but less choice”. Until I consulted SHICHU, they relied that “all our dresses are with different sizes, and can be tailored to particular figures”, so I decided to go and see,Unexpectedly, I became a customer

Taipei Weixun


Take your perfect dress on your perfect day

Love yourself is the beginning of lifelongromance, be a sweet woman, achieve the best self,happiness flowing in the blood, unlock the SHICHU BRIDE super-ceremony wedding dress, just like loving a person, your like, will becomethe bright diamond of love !

Beauty in every dimension, only for your exclusive love

SHICHU use every dimension to interpret the unique love for every couple

Supreme beauty, not about style

Find your own light in SHICHU BRIDE, and pursue more beautiful happiness